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перевод и определение "chamber pot", английский-русский Словарь онлайн.A bowl kept in a bedroom to serve as a temporary toilet. Mendocino Middle School Boontling Dictionary. (a) chamber pot. chamber-pot [chamber-pot]. chamber-pot noun ночной горшок - Англо-русский словарь Мюллера.chamber-pot. назад вперед . Этимология Inter: noca » t Inter: stu » b Translation: de » chamber pot Translation: en » chamber pot Translation: et » chamber pot Translation: fi » chamber pot Translation: sd » chamber pot. Что такое chamber pot.Определение термина chamber pot. Похожие слова. chayote squash. Перевод CHAMBER POT с английского на русский, транскрипция, аудиопроизношение и примеры предложений.All right, then, how are you going to empty the chamber pot? chamber-pot [tembpt] n ночной горшок.Смотреть что такое "CHAMBER-POT" в других словарях: CHAMBER-POT Англо-укранський словник Балла М.. What does chamber pot mean? Here you find 2 meanings of the word chamber pot. You can also add a definition of chamber pot yourself.chamber pot. Bowl-shaped container with a handle, used as a urinal at night. A chamber pot is a bowl-shaped container with a handle, and often a lid, used as a portable toilet, especially in the bedroom at night. Variants of this were common in many cultures until the advent of indoor plumbing.

" Chamber" is an older term for bedroom. Lower class people pooped in chamber pots - aka jerry, guzunder, a po, thunder pot If you were really poor, a bucket. In medieval London it was illegal to empty these out the window ( not that that stopped many people). Еще значения слова и перевод CHAMBER POT с английского на русский язык в англо-русских словарях. Перевод CHAMBER POT с русского на английский язык в русско-английских словарях. Перевод: chamber pot. [существительное] ночной горшок. LMBomber - программа для запоминания иностранных слов. Chamber pots wiki: A chamber pot is a bowl-shaped container with a handle, and often a lid, used as a portable toilet, especially in the bedroom at night.

Variants of this were common in many cultures until the advent of indoor plumbing.Names and etymology" Chamber" is an ol. Примеры перевода, содержащие Chamber pots Русско-английский словарь и система поиска по миллионам русских переводов.Предложить в качестве перевода для Chamber pots. перевод слов, содержащих chamber pot, с английского языка на русский язык в других словарях (первые 10 слов). A chamber pot is a medium-sized bowl that receives human waste products for as long as their owner decides to keep them in his sight. The chamber pot shows how something utterly ineffective can capture the worlds attention, and become a significant indicator of economic development chamber pot. a portable container kept in a bedroom and used for defecating or urinating. chamber pot (tembpt) n. ночной горшок. chamber pot перевод с английского языка на русский язык в других словарях. Хочу изучать английский язык с репетитором. A chamber pot is a bowl-shaped container with a handle, and often a lid, kept in the bedroom under a bed or in the cabinet of a nightstand and generally used as a toilet at night. In Victorian times, some chamber pots would be built into a cabinet with a closable cover. Most men or women of the upper class used the chamber pot in their room, rather than the common jakes. Большинство мужчин и женщин из высшего сословия пользовались ночными горшками у себя в комнате, а не общественными отхожими местами. Chamberpot is a derived term of pot. As nouns the difference between chamberpot and pot. is that chamberpot is (chamber pot) while pot is a vessel used for cooking or storing food or pot can be (slang|uncountable) the drug marijuana. In most industrialized nations, the chamber pot has largely disappeared, except in the form of the bedpan used for invalids. Some people in developing nations still make use of chamberpots and privies. Chamber pot. A chamber pot is a bowl shaped container that was kept in the bedroom, under a bed and used as a toilet at night. Chamber pots were usually ceramic and often had lids. chamber pot US UK. Srg, lazmlk.The quantity contained in a pot a potful as, a pot of ale. Metal or earthenware extension of a flue above the top of a chimney a chimney pot. Перевод с английского на немецкий выполнен. powered by chamber pot Существительное. powered by powered by Nachttopf m Список сокращений. Онлайн-словарь английского языка - перевод слов и словосочетаний с английского языка на русский. Значение слова chamber-pot. Грамматически, это идиома "chamber pot" является Существительные, более конкретно, Исчисляемое Существительное.В настоящее время горшок используют в основном для маленьких детей, причём не обязательно ночью. chamber pot. Power Thesaurus. "chamber pot thesaurus" 31 December 1969.chamber-pot. chamberpot. chamberpots. barristers. cozen. A chamber pot is a portable container used as a toilet in the bedroom. The chamber pot was generally made of metal or ceramic and placed in a piece of furniture such as a bench or stool with a lid for covering the chamber pot. Commodes, chastely concealing a chamber-pot for use in a ladys bedroom, might have quite a Gothic air about them, so that the infrequent pleasure of defecation -- the displacement of the Victorian female tappen -- was enhanced by a sense of historical continuity. Перевод chamber-pot с английского на русский в бесплатном словаре и многие другие русские переводы.Знаете ли вы больше переводов для "chamber-pot"? comment Сообщите нам. chamber pot. общ. ночная ваза (Gruzovik) ночной горшок (4uzhoj) судно (pl. судна, суден, суднам, судна, суднами, о суднах Gruzovik). chamber pot: 5 фраз в 3 тематиках. Общая лексика. Chamber pot — noun : a bedroom vessel for urine or other waste . a portable container, esp. for urine, used in bedrooms. [ 1560-70] . chamber pot UK US noun [countable] [singular chamber pot plural chamber pots] a round container kept in a A chamber pot (also a chamberpot, a john, a jordan, a po (from French " pot de chambre"), a potty, or a thunder pot) is a bowl-shaped container with a handle kept in the bedroom under a bed or in the cabinet of a nightstand and generally used as a urinal at night. bowl-shaped container with a handle, and often a lid, A chamber pot (also a chamberpot), a piss pot, a potty, or a thunder pot) is a container with a handle, usually used as a urinal at night. It is kept in a bedroom under a bed or in a nightstand. Перевод слова "chamber-pot" с английского на русский по словарю Мюллера. Более 50000 слов в доступе онлайн.Слово "chamber-pot". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера. "Its into that chamber pot we pour our sweat and iron," he asserted. There were a wooden bed without any curtains, a chamber pot with a piece broken out of the side, a wash bowl and two chairs. Citation: Use the citation options below to add these abbreviations to your bibliography. Style:MLA Chicago APA. " CHAMBER POT." ночной горшок - перевод "chamber pot" с английского на русский. имя существительное. Добавить комментарий. На данной странице следует оставлять комментарии, относящиеся к слову chamber-pot. Текст комментария может быть только на русском или английском языке. chamber pot meaning, definition, what is chamber pot: a large, round, bowl-shaped container used as a toilet at night or during an illness, in.Meaning of chamber pot in the English Dictionary. 7. piss pot Chamber pot. 8. pot shot Shot at A concise dictionary of English slang. chamber-pot — (n.) also chamberpot, 1560s, from CHAMBER (Cf. chamber) POT (Cf. pot) (1) Etymology dictionary. chamber pot n ночной горшок/a>chamber pot также найдено в этих статьях chamber pot. Существительное. Это слово или выражение пока не переведено. Вы можете предложить свой вариант перевода. His faithful servant Toinette (the quite superb Tracie Bennett) rushes around with wellused chamber pots, containing revolting things the ficklestomached, like me, would rather not discuss, but which are inspected assiduously by Toinette chamber-pot - перевод на Русский. Создать акаунт. Войти.chamber-pot chamber-pot. Примеры. x. x. chamber-pot noun ночной горшок.

Определение chamber pot, bedpan в Английский Язык Турецкий язык словарь. lazmlk. The chamber pot is also known as a jordan,[1][2] a jerry, a guzunder, a po (possibly from French: pot de chambre), a potty pot, a potty, or a thunder pot.Philippine mythology recounts that giving newlyweds a chamberpot assures them of prosperity. Краткий справочник Фотошоп-центра. chamber pot это chamber pot. ночной горшок. Большой англо-русский и русско-английский словарь. I guess we could always use a man who wears a chamber pot on his head. Я полагаю, нам завсегда может пригодится и человек, который носит ночной горшок на голове. Перевод слова chamber-pot, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания.win the solid gold chamber pot — сделать "на копейку", а изображать, что сделано серьёзное дело.

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